I have come across a requirement to pull out a certain chart from SharePoint Site Usage Statistic to the SharePoint Home page, in this case, is the Unique users visited chart. Unfortunately, these charts are fixed inside the certain server pages, although the portion look like a web part, which I have think I could modify and add, however, this proven quite difficult without modifying a number of master pages and layout.

With the short time frame, there couple of approach that I have considered

• Using a Page Viewer Web part to pull certain portion of the page into the destination page or.

• Writing a small JavaScript to intercepted, translate the Site statistic page, pulled out only necessary charts and display as a items.

I have tried both approach, the first solution seems very compromising and easy enough, but I’m stuck because of client IE version 6.1 doesn’t fully support css and other style sheet. That’s when I picked up the 2nd approached, in which I would publish here.

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