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Installation Procedure

1. First, you have to upload the solution.htm into a document library or any library that can contains *htm format, which can be accessed via implicit or explicit url.
2. Add a Content Editor Web Part into the destination page, in this case, I called it Dev.aspx
3. Modify the property of the new content editor webpart, point the location to the file that you just upload, in my case, I’m using the file name solution.htm, and upload into a sub folder name Devsample, you can either using implicit or explicit url in here.
4. Click OK to confirm the change
5. Voila, the chart appears!!!


If your site is a sub site and you wish to display it within the subsite, please do this modification inside the htm page.


spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push("ajaxpage('../layouts/SpUsageWebUsers.aspx', 'simple_panel')");


spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push("ajaxpage('./layouts/SpUsageWebUsers.aspx', 'simple_panel')");

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